No. Only Mirani and Marian for now.

Every Monday to Marian (Central), Queensland
Every Wednesday to Mirani (central), Queensland

Between 1.00 pm and 5.30 pm on delivery days

Has been traditionally sold for quite a long time and this process prevents the cream from separating and stays consistent for the life of the product.

The cream top has one less process- it is pasteurised, not homogenised. Therefore, the cream will settle to the top, like it would in the good old days.

This pasteurised product is for people on low fat diets. There is no cream due to low fat content. Less than 2% fat.

No. We may review this in the future.

Produce is transported in a refrigerated truck to your door.
Customers are required to leave  out an insulated esky with frozen bricks inside, or access to a working outdoor fridge if they’re not at home.
Produce will not be delivered without adequate cold storage provided.

For Subscription, Credit card is automatically charged on every Saturday, a receipt will be emailed.
For one time purchase, payment immediately charged, a receipt will be emailed.

For One Time Purchase,
Cancellations are available up until 10 am the day prior to delivery through mail (homedeliverywhitsundaydairy@gmail.com) only.
Excluding bread orders which require 2 days cancellation notice, by 12 noon.

For subscription,
Go to My Accounts, Choose your subscription and Click Cancel.

You can’t amend your order. But we can help you amend your susbcriptions. Contact Us if you need to edit your subscription. One-Time purchase can’t be amended.

No. Please contact us to discuss the process, payment is arranged over the phone (master card & visa).

Yes you can. Go to My Accounts, Choose your subscription and Click Suspend. Remember to re-instate when you are back.