Milk at its finest.

Our family dairy farms have been milking for two to three generations in most cases with farms located from Eungella in the north, to Biggenden in the south.

We're partnering with local farmers

We are partnering with more local farmers in Central Queensland.

Our Milk. Our Cows.

Healthy happy cows, means healthy great tasting milk.

Sustainable dairy production

No hormones. No factory farms. Just 100% fresh milk.

Our Story

We have been dairy farmers for over 120 years. Each and every one of our cows has a name, a story and a personality.

CQ United Dairies Pty Ltd was formed in 2017 to create a local farmer-owned milk brand – Central Queensland Dairy Fresh and Whitsunday Dairy Fresh.

Since commencing we have established two brands, Whitsunday Dairy Fresh in the Whitsundays and surrounding area, and Central Queensland Dairy Fresh in Rockhampton and surrounding areas.

Our Full Cream, Cream Top and Lite fresh milk is available through most IGA’s throughout Central Queensland and the Whitsunday’s, together with over 180 wholesale customers. A list of current suppliers is updated frequently on our facebook pages @whitsundaydairyfresh and @cqdairyfresh.

Our farms

We’re producing fresher milk for you and your family. No hormones. No factory farms. Just 100% fresh milk from our healthy happy cows.

Radel Family Farm

Lives in a herd of 240 Cows

Produces around 600,000 litres of milk a year

A fifth generation family farm, the Radel Family have been milking cows for over 120 years. Their farm is in the Biggenden/Coalstoun Lakes region in Central Queensland.

Woodland Farm

Lives in a herd of 190 Cows

Produces around 500,000 litres of milk a year

Hazelwood View nestled in Crediton, Eungella, is owned and run by David and Peter Woodland since taking it over from their parents Jim and Kathleen Woodland in 1978.

Milk Home Delivery

We are committed to bringing you high quality, great tasting, farm fresh milk right to your doorsteps.

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